Campaign timeline

How it works for you

Find drivers

We find best drivers to suit your campaigns

Activate & Monitor

Activate the campaigns and monitor the driving habits to meet the requirments

Install Ads

We install the artworks on the drivers vehicles we have selected


We send you the report on the campaign of your product or service


We are in the business of Marketing and Advertising, but it does not stop there. We want to be in your business journey too. We want to be your marketing partner and essentially get your brand out there for the public to see.

  • We tailor-make outdoor advertising for private vehicles
  • Our business solutions are flexible, measurable and cost-effective—whether it’s locally or globally—with a touch of class
  • Cheaper than standard traditional billboard advertising
  • Car wraps can claim the lowest cost per impression rate of any other form of advertising
  • Different pricing structure to meet the businesses needs
  • Analytics tools to measure campaign’s performances against the allocated budget
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